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1830 Census, Quincy
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1830 Census, Quincy
Contributed by Adams County ILGenWeb
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1830 Census
Quincy, Illinois

Heads of Household Only

Adams, Elias
Alexander, Benjamin
Allen, George T.
Ames, D.
Anderson, Asher
Anderson, James
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, Thomas O.
Anderson, William
Arnold, Benjamin
Baker, Thomas
Ball, Joseph
Bancraft, Amos
Bateman, Henry
Bates, Thomas
Baty, Robert
Bean, James
Beebe, Amos
Beebe, David, Jr.
Beebe, David, Sr.
Beebe, Levi
Bennet, Thomas
Bennet, William B.
Black, Alexander
Bowles, Holman
Bowles, Jeffey
Bradford, Benjamin
Brattie, P. B.
Bratton, Reuben
Bratton, William
Brawdy, Richard
Bridgewater, Andrew
Brisborn, William
Bristie, John A.
Brown, Henry
Brown, Robert B.
Brown, Rufus
Burklow, Samuel V.
Burkurk, L.
Cadwell, Abijah
Campbell, George
Campbell, Joseph
Campbell, Sarah
Capron, Cyrus
Carter, Reuben
Carter, Samuel
Casey, Hiram P.
Cason, Seth
Chase, Charles
Chase, Thomas J.
Childers, Gadly
Childers, H.
Childire, Reuben
Chinn, L. D.
Choat, David J.
Clark, Brasilla
Clark, John B.
Clark, William
Clingsmith, H.
Coffman, Jeroy
Coile, Patrick
Collins, Allen
Collins, Spencer
Conner, Jacob
Cook, Reuben
Couch, German
Cox, Benjamin
Cox, Samuel
Craig, John
Crank, James
Crawford, John
Crenshaw, Isaac
Crenshaw, John
Crites, Henry
Crow, David
Crow, Jacob
Crow, Jonathan
Delaplain, Absalom
Dennis, Joseph
Denshaur, Amon
Dots, R.
Downs, E.
Dozier, John
Droulard, John
Dunam, Gaven
Edmunds, James G.
Edwards, Andrew
Elam, Isaac
Elam, Jesse
Ensign, Justus
Etherton, J. B.
Ferguson, Joseph
Ferguson, Samuel
Figley, Jacob
Fields, Joseph
Finch, William
Fitt, Peter
Flood, William G.
Folk, Abraham
Forsythe, Robert
Francis, Solomon
Fraseir, George
Frazier, James
Garrett, Samuel
Garritt, Samuel
Gilham, William
Gouwell, Asa
Grear, James
Gregg, Andrew
Gregg, Nancy
Gregg, Thomas
Grenwell, Robert
Grinwell, John
Grushong, Jacob
Hadley, Mary
Haines, Peter
Hamilton, S. C. K.
Hammond, Charles
Hampton, Linsey
Hampton, Stephen
Hanks, Joseph
Hanley, Hiram
Hardy, Baptiste
Hardy, Berry
Harkness, John
Harkwell, Ebenezer
Harriot, R.
Harris, Joseph
Harris, Thomas
Harrison, John
Harrison, Robert P.
Hartley, Dennis
Harts, Daniel
Haskins, Hiram
Heacock, William
Hendricks, Abraham
Hendricks, Henry
Hendricks, William
Hendricks, William
Hendricks, William
Herring, James
Hews, John
Hews, Willam
Hicks, Jacob
Hight, George W.
Hightower, George
Hines, Benjamin
Hines, John
Hines, William
Hogan, G.
Holmes, William
Howard, Abraham
Howard, John
Hunsucker, Abner
Hunsucker, Daniel
Hunsucker, J.
Hunsucker, Jacob
Hunsucker, John
Hunsucker, Joseph
Hunsucker, Samuel
Iler, Richard
Jacobs, Henry
Jeffreys, J. E.
Johnson, D.
Johnson, John
Johnson, Peter
Jourdan, John
Jourdan, William
Keyes, Willard
Kirkpatrick, Charles
Kirkpatrick, David
Kirkpatrick, Francis
Kirkpatrick, John
Kirkpatrick, John
Lamkins, Jeptha
Lattley, John
Lecy, George
Lee, Josiah
Lee, Samuel
Lemon, James
Lesley, John
Leward, Samuel
Lewis, Clark
Lightfoot, Armstead
Lightfoot, William
Liicth, Thomas
Lile, Daniel
Linton, William
Littleton, Eli
Liward, Jon
Lowin, Isaac
Luckett, William
Luhorn, James M.
Mandan, Frederic
Martin, P. W.
Mayfield, Ezekiel
Mc Clelland, Samuel
Mc Kinney, Charles
Mc Kinney, Lynch
Mc Kinney, William
Mc Morthy, Elvin
Mc Murray, George
Mc Murray, John
Mc Net, Benjamin
Meacham, D. P.
Medford, William
Medley, B. L.
Metcalf, David
Metcalf, M. A.
Metcalf, William
Miller, Abraham
Mitchel, Stephen
Moore, Thomas
Morris, Buford
Nations, John
Nelson, Joel
Nicholson, Williamson
Oliver, John
Oliver, Elias
Overton, Greenbury
Painter, Henry
Palmer, W. H.
Parcens, Abdiel, Jr.
Parker, Stephen
Patra, Alexis
Patten, Hans
Patterson, William
Peabody, Benjamin
Pearce, Jesse
Pearcer, James
Pierce, Earl
Penrod, Samuel
Perigen, G.
Perigo, J. J.
Perigs, D. L.
Philips, John
Pillard, Elijah
Pollard, George W.
Pond, Thadious
Popple, Simeon
Pressell, Conrad
Putnam, Henry
Rapdan, Abdiel, Jr.
Ray, David
Ray, Elijah
Reader, William P.
Rhindhart, Lewis
Richardson, James U.
Richardson, Sarah
Richardson, John
Richardson, Nathan
Riddle, Ebenezer
Riddle, John
Riddle, Stephen
Robbins, John P.
Robbins, Nathan
Roberts, William
Robison, Stephen
Robison, William
Rollins, James
Rose, James P.
Rose, Jeremiah
Sawyer, Richard
Shaw, Samuel
Shepherd, Roland
Shepherd, William M.
Sherman, Seth C.
Shinn, Amasa
Shinn, Levi
Shurl, David
Shwewy, Martin
Smith, Charles
Smith, David
Smith, Jacob
Smith, James G.
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Niell
Smith, Stanford
Smith, Stedman
Snow, Henry H.
Staten, Fernando
Steater, John
Stephenson, John
Sterne, John W.
Steward, John
Stone, Samuel
Stow, Marcus
Streeter, Joshua
Talbot, Bolman
Thomas, Evan
Thomas, James
Thomas, Jhn
Thomas, John
Thomas, John II
Thompasson, J. H.
Thompson, Jems
Todd, Michael
Tracy, Silas
Tucker, Elisha
Tyrer, Asa
Vanhraim, William
Vannest, Peter
Waddle, Obadiah
Wade, Eliot
Wade, Enoch
Wade, John
Wade, William
Wakefield, Henry
Wakefield, William
Walby, Benjamin
Walker, Joseph
Wallace, Heman
Warrick, John
Waters, Israel
Wells, John
Wells, Levi
Westfall, Alfred
Wharam, John
Wheelock, E. L. R.
Whipple, Daniel
White, Abel
White, Hugh
White, Thomas
Wigle, George
Wigle, Jacob
Wigle, John
Wilhelmes, Richard
Williams, Benjamin
Williams, John
Williams, Samuel
Willy, David
Wilpling, Samuel
Wilson, Abijah
Wilson, Nicholas
Wise, Henry
Wise, John
Wood, John
Wood, John C.
Worley, Richard
Worley, William
Wren, Nicholas
Yates, Samuel
Young, Abner
Young, Hiram
Young, J. B.

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