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Makanda Township, Volume I, Surname Index
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Makanda Township, Volume I, Surname Index
Contributed by Barbara
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Cemeteries of Jackson County Illinois, Volume I, Makanda Township

Published by Jackson County Historical Society, Murphysboro, IL, 1978

Note: The Jackson County Historical Society has a second edition of this volume and I presume that this index came from the first edition. I do not have a copy of this book and cannot perform lookups.

Cemeteries included:

Allen or Hilton Farm Cemetery, Boskeydell (New Stearns) Cemetery, Elliott Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Lipe Cemetery, Patrick Cemetery, Rendleman Cemetery (Stone Fort), Rowan-Lirely Cemetery, Schwartz Cemetery, Sheppard-Johnson Cemetery, South County Line Cemetery (Thetford), Stearns Cemetery, Union Hills Cemetery, Wilkins Cemetery, Zimmerman Cemetery (Patterson) and Zion Cemetery.

Surname Index

A: Abbott, Abraham, Acklin, Adams, Agnew, Ahl, Allen, Allman, Anderson, Andrews, Angell, Arnhart, Arnold, Atwell

B: Baggett, Bailey, Baker, Barello, Barone, Bass, Bate, Baxter, Baysinger, Bearden, Beasley, Bedwell, Beecher, Bell, Bella, Bennett, Betts, Bevel, Biggs, Bishop, Bittle, Blessing, Boals, Boccaccio, Boren, Bradley, Brandon, Branlley, Branson, Braswell, Brewer, Brimmer, Brooks, Brown, Bryant, Burris, Burton, Bush, Butcher

C: Cabaness, Cagle, Canada, Canady, Caneroy, Caraway, Cargill, Carr, Casey, Cashenin, Casper, Cast, Casteel, Castleberry, Chadwick, Chamness, Charles, Chenoweth, Chew, Childers, Childs, Cioia, Cissa, Clark, Clubb, Clutts, Clyburn, Collins, Colson, Cooper, Corbett, Borgan, Cornwell, Cover, Cox, Craig, Crain, Crashaw, Crowell, Cutrell

D: Davis, Day, Dean, Deck, Deen, Deming, Denison, Dennison, Dennx, Deset, Dewey, Dickerson, Dillon, Dix, Dodge, Donnell, Doolin, Dowell, Dry, Duncan, Dunn

E: Eaton, Eddleman, Elders, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Elston, Etherton

F: Falnner, Fambrough, Farmer, Ferrill, Fisher, Flanegan, Flanigan, Fligor, Fly, Folkner, Forby, Ford, Forgach, Fox, Franks, Freeman, Front, Frost, Furgeson, Furlow, Futrell

G: Garmes, Gee, Gentry, Gher, Gibbons, Gibeaut, Glassford, Glover, Goodman, Goodwin, Gordon, Gothart, Grammer, Gregory, Griffiths, Guinn, Gurley

H: Hagler, Hale, Hall, Halstead, Hamilton, Hampton, Haney, Hanson, Hardy, Harper, Harris, Hartline, Hartman, Hastings, Hawk, Hawkins, Hays, Hayton, Heern, Heers, Helms, Helton, Henderson, Henry, Henson, Hereford, Herron, Hicks, Hill, Hiller, Hindman, Holder, Holland, Holliday, Holly, Holmes, Holton, Hopkins, Horn, Hughes, Hulley, Hunter

I: Iday, Irvin

J: Jackson, Janulis, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Jungers

K: Kanada, Kasprzak, Kelley, Kennedy, Kern, Kindle, Kinney, Kling, Klump, Knowles, Knup, Koss, Kreiger, Krysher

L: Lane, Lautz, Lawrence, Lee, Lence, Lindsey, Lingle, Lipe, Lirely, Loomis, Loyd, Lundgren, Lussiana, Luther, Lybarger

M: Madden, Maddox, Magerstaedt, Mainer, Malaer, Maloy, Manning, Maples, Markham, Martens, Martin, Mason, Matheny, Mathis, Mausehardt, Mayer, Meese, Messer, Michael, Miller, Minton, Misenhimer, Mitchell, Modglin, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Morris, Mowery, Murry, McCamish, McCurdy, McDaniel, McGdibe, McGill, McGinnis, McGlone, McGuire, McKenzie, McMillian, McMinn, McMurphy, McNier, McPhail

N: Nance, Neal, Nebughr, Neighbur, Nelson, Nixon, Noble, Noel, North, Norton

O: O'Brien, O'Daniel, Odum, Oller, Owl

P: Palmer, Parker, Parkinson, Parott, Part, Patrick, Patterson, Peak, Pearson, Peck, Penrod, Penticost, Phelps, Phemister, Picquett, Pike, Pollitt, Porter, Powers, Presley, Presson, Prewitt, Pribble, Prickett, Purdy

Q: Queen

R: Ragsdale, Rains, Ratliff, Ray, Reams, Reichert, Reid, Rendleman, Rice, Rich, Ridgway, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rockwood, Rogers, Rohman, Rolens, Rose, Ross, Rosson, Rowan, Rowe, Ruppel, Rushing, Russell

S: Sammons, Sanders, Sandlin, Schwartz, Scoby, Scroggins, Sellers, Shadowens, Sharp, Shaw, Sheppard, Sherretz, Sherwood, Shimwell, Short, Sill, Sims, Skelton, Skyworth, Sloan, Smith, Spears, Spence, Spiller, Springer, Sprouse, Stanley, Stapleton, Stearns, Stevenson, Stewart, Stinair, Stinson, Stoker, Stout, Stricklin, Stringer, Stroman, Stroup, Stucker, Swiger, Sykes

T: Tabouring, Tackitt, Tarno, Taylor, Tbout, Terwillinger, Thedford, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Tindall, Tomlinson, Tope, Travelstead, Treece, Tripp, Trowbridge, Turner, Tuttle, Tweedy, Tygett

V: Vallett, Vancil, Vandil, Vaughn, Veath, Vigna, Voorhees, Voorhis

W: Waddington, Waeckerle, Walker, Wallace, Ward, Warner, Warren, Watson, Weathers, Webb, Weiss, West, Wiggins, Wiggs, Wiley, Wilkins, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Winchester, Winn, Wiseman, Wisley, Wollard, Wood, Wright, Wyatt

Y: Yancii, Yonce, Young

Z: Zimmerman

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