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Cemeteries in Jackson County Illinois
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Cemeteries in Jackson County Illinois
Contributed by Barbara
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Cemetery Name : Latitude and Longitude

Barrow Cemetery : 375508N 0893539W
Bartlett Cemetery : 375151N 0892857W
Beasley Cemetery : 374812N 0891502W
Birkner Cemetery : 375433N 0892509W
Boskydell Cemetery : 374022N 0891230W
Bostick Cemetery : 374138N 0892035W
Boucher Cemetery : 374750N 0892037W
Bower Cemetery : 375016N 0893215W
Buchanan Cemetery : 375051N 0893804W
Calvary Cemetery : 375534N 0893328W
Central-Crews Cemetery : 375138N 0891549W
Cheatham Cemetery : 375422N 0893132W
Creath Morris Cemetery : 374528N 0892700W
Creek Paum Cemetery : 375549N 0892407W
Davis Cemetery : 375604N 0891452W
Davis Number 1 Cemetery : 375514N 0891321W
De Soto Cemetery : 374846N 0891355W
Dillinger Cemetery : 374601N 0891336W
Ditzler Cemetery : 375338N 0892503W
Dutch Hill Cemetery : 375433N 0890947W
Dutch Ridge Cemetery : 373756N 0891928W
Elkville Cemetery : 375420N 0891457W
Etherton Cemetery : 374052N 0891850W
Evergreen Cemetery : 373655N 0891216W
Evergreen Cemetery : 375349N 0892939W
Gill Cemetery : 375547N 0891314W
Goodbread Cemetery : 374109N 0892852W
Graff Cemetery : 375409N 0892728W
Greer Cemetery : 375319N 0891315W
Hagler Cemetery : 373716N 0891927W
Hall Cemetery : 374433N 0891651W
Henson Cemetery : 373946N 0892907W
Hiller-Crab Orchard Cemetery : 374207N 0891655W
Hilton Cemetery : 373829N 0891416W
Houge Cemetery : 374927N 0893906W
Howard Cemetery : 375025N 0891011W
Hudson Cemetery : 373916N 0892852W
Indian Hill Cemetery : 374732N 0891124W
Isom Cemetery : 375110N 0893800W
Jones Cemetery : 375052N 0893452W
Joubert Cemetery : 375621N 0892620W
King Cemetery : 375400N 0892731W
Koehn Cemetery : 375217N 0893606W
Kross Cemetery : 375504N 0893558W
Lee Cemetery : 374842N 0893045W
Lirley Cemetery : 373646N 0891446W
Lone Oak Cemetery : 375002N 0892731W
Looney Springs Cemetery : 375532N 0893228W
Lutheran Cemetery : 374758N 0891807W
Makanda Cemetery : 373656N 0891217W
McBride Cemetery : 375124N 0893242W
McCormick Cemetery : 374812N 0893427W
Modglin Cemetery : 375324N 0893047W
Mount Carbon Cemetery : 374447N 0891923W
Mount Pleasant Cemetery : 373648N 0892216W
Mount Pleasant Cemetery : 374328N 0891654W
Murdale Gardens of Memory : 374551N 0891658W
Murphysboro City Cemetery : 374612N 0892015W
Neunert Cemetery : 374224N 0893103W
North County Line Cemetery : 374401N 0890909W
Oakland Cemetery : 374420N 0891345W
Parrish Cemetery : 375426N 0891926W
Pleasant Grove Memorial Cemetery : 374414N 0891706W
Poplar Ridge Cemetery : 374203N 0892153W
Rees Cemetery : 375304N 0891408W
Ripley Cemetery : 374909N 0892239W
Rogers Cemetery : 375306N 0893524W
Russian Orthodox Cemetery : 375607N 0891527W
Saint Andrews Cemetery : 374623N 0892119W
Saint Lukes Cemetery : 375604N 0893330W
Saint Peters Cemetery : 375534N 0893334W
Sheppard Cemetery : 373634N 0891312W
Snider Hill Cemetery : 374255N 0891156W
South County Line Cemetery : 374029N 0890913W
Stearns Cemetery : 373658N 0892104W
Stearns Cemetery : 373920N 0891449W
Talbott Cemetery : 374709N 0893117W
Tower Grove Cemetery : 374623N 0892132W
Tuthill Cemetery : 375546N 0892039W
Underwood Cemetery : 375618N 0892756W
Union Hills Cemetery : 374031N 0891538W
Walker Hill Cemetery : 373819N 0893008W
Wilkins Cemetery : 373648N 0891236W
Williamson Cemetery : 375222N 0892600W
Wilson Cemetery : 375137N 0893507W
Winchester Cemetery : 374132N 0891449W
Woodlawn Cemetery : 374337N 0891238W
Worthen Cemetery : 374501N 0892246W
Zimmerman Cemetery : 373615N 0891401W
Zion Cemetery : 374845N 0891706W
Zion Cemetery : 373836N 0891002W

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