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Cemetery Records

Atlas Township (222)
  • Adams Dustin Cemetery,
  • Balls Bluff Cemetery,
  • Miller Cemetery, More...
  • Barry Township (607)
  • Barry & Old Barry Cemetery,
  • Blair Cemetery,
  • Gard Cemetery, More...
  • Chambersburg Township (77)
  • Chambersburg Brown Cemetery,
  • Gardner Cemetery,
  • Ham Cemetery, More...
  • Derry Township (299)
  • Hornback Cemetery,
  • Pursley Cemetery,
  • Rhodus Cemetery, More...
  • Detroit Township (537)
  • Blue River Cemetery,
  • Douglas Cemetery,
  • Florence Cemetery, More...
  • Fairmount Township (74)
  • Brower Cemetery,
  • English Cemetery,
  • Kurfman Cemetery, More...
  • Flint Township (27)
  • Anderson Cemetery,
  • Burns Cemetery,
  • Valley City Cemetery
  • Griggsville Township (168)
  • Benjamin Elledge Cemetery,
  • Griggsville Cemetery,
  • Hinman Yates Cemetery, More...
  • Hadley Township (72)
  • Clingingsmith Cemetery,
  • Hazelrigg Cemetery,
  • Johnson aka New Philadelphia Cemetery, More...
  • Hardin Township (103)
  • Cox Cemetery,
  • Daniels Cemetery,
  • Holford Cemetery, More...
  • Kinderhook Township (2931)
  • Akers Chapel Cemetery,
  • Journey Cemetery,
  • Kinderhook New Cemetery, More...
  • Martinsburg Township (138)
  • Barnd Cemetery,
  • Black Oak Cemetery,
  • Burbridge Cemetery, More...
  • Montezuma Township (386)
  • Bedford Cemetery,
  • Clemmons Cemetery,
  • French aka Milton Cemetery, More...
  • New Salem Township (203)
  • Baylis Cemetery,
  • Gray Cemetery,
  • Starkey Cemetery, More...
  • Newburg Township (96)
  • Bethel Cemetery,
  • Foreman Cemetery,
  • Howland Cemetery, More...
  • Pearl Township (136)
  • Crater aka Old Miller Cemetery,
  • Hanks aka New Miller Cemetery,
  • Hess aka Old Pearl Cemetery, More...
  • Perry Township (143)
  • Calhoun Cemetery,
  • Callis Cemetery,
  • Dorsey Cemetery, More...
  • Pittsfield Township (217)
  • Brawley aka Orr Cemetery,
  • County Farm Cemetery,
  • Episcopal aka St Peters Cemetery, More...
  • Pleasant Hill Township (333)
  • Berry Cemetery,
  • Cannon Hubbard Cemetery,
  • Crescent Heights Cemetery, More...
  • Pleasant Vale Township (367)
  • Brewster Ross Cemetery,
  • Brown Cemetery,
  • Demoin Cemetery, More...
  • Spring Creek Township (316)
  • Allison Cemetery,
  • Cannon Cemetery,
  • Hollis Cemetery, More...
  • Unless otherwise noted, these are NOT complete cemetery listings. Cemeteries with complete listings are noted below in bold. Cemetery Books Volume I - VI contain 41,903 burials in Pike County by 1975. Unfortunately, due to lost and abandoned cemeteries, unmarked graves, broken and / or lost stones, etc., it is evident that there are many more graves that will never be identified.
    How you can help add to these listings. With summer time nearly upon us, many will venture out to the cemeteries to find their elusive ancestors. Please take a few minutes to record a some listings and even a picture or two if you can and submit them to Pike Co ILGenWeb. With a few listings from all who visit, we can quickly fill up these pages and get these cemetery listings as complete as possible.
    Many thanks go out to Pat Ruble who spent countless days transferring the cemetery listings from our old html pages into our new database.
    Atlas Township Cemeteries: Adams-Dustin, Balls Bluff, Miller, Mooney-Marion, Petty, Rockport, Samuel Taylor, Scattered Burials and Shinn.
    Barry Township Cemeteries: Barry (Old Barry), Blair, Gard, House, Hull, Park Lawn, Scattered Burials and Stewart.
    Chambersburg Township Cemeteries: Chambersburg - Brown, Gardner, Ham and Hume.
    Cincinnati Township: No known cemeteries or burials.
    Derry Township Cemeteries: Hornback, Pursley, Rhodus, Scattered Burials, Shaw and Taylor-Martin.
    Detroit Township Cemeteries: Blue River, Douglas, Florence, Smith (Milton) and Watts.
    Fairmount Township Cemeteries: Brower, English, Kurfman, Rust, Seaborn, Seybold, Wilson Ford and Woodland.
    Flint Township Cemeteries: Anderson, Burns and Valley City.
    Griggsville Township Cemeteries: Benjamin Elledge, Griggsville, Hinman Yates, Maysville, Simpkins Brown (Walnut Grove) and Uriah Elledge.
    Hadley Township Cemeteries: Clingingsmith, Hazelrigg, Johnson (New Philadelphia), McWorter (Old Philadelphia), Peterson, Pierce, Winner and Woosley.
    Hardin Township Cemeteries: Cox, Daniels, Holford, Johnson, Kent, Time, Watson, Willard and Wills.
    Kinderhook Township Cemeteries: Akers Chapel, Journey, Kinderhook New, Kinderhook Old and Scattered Burials. Complete listings through 2002 are found on this site.
    Levee Township: No known cemeteries or burials.
    Martinsburg Township Cemeteries: Barnd, Black Oak, Burbridge, Goodin, Gray, Lowder & Turnbaugh, Petty, Prairie Mound, Rowley aka Ator, Scattered Burials, Summerhill (Sapp) and Waggoner.
    Montezuma Township Cemeteries: Bedford, Clemmons, French aka Milton, Green Pond, Hatcher, Jarboe, Montezuma, Scattered Burials and Thurmon.
    New Salem Township Cemeteries: Baylis, Gray, Starkey and Swiggett.
    Newburg Township Cemeteries: Bethel, Foreman, Howland, McKibben, Pettis, Pleasant Grove, St. Marys Calvary, Sunny Hill aka Low and Tripp aka Keys.
    Pearl Township Cemeteries: Crater (Old Miller), Hanks (New Miller), Hess (Old Pearl), Humphrey, Lakin, Ottwell and Scattered Burials.
    Perry Township Cemeteries: Calhoun, Callis, Dorsey, Hamilton, Lutz, Taylor, Unnamed and Wilson - McCord.
    Pittsfield Township Cemeteries: Brawley (Orr), County Farm, Episcopal (St. Peters), Moore (Enderly & Yackley), Oakwood (South Pittsfield), Pittsfield Mausoleum, Pittsfield West, Scattered Burials and Tamsett (Willsey).
    Pleasant Hill Township Cemeteries: Berry, Cannon - Hubbard, Crescent Heights, Dodge, Emert, Ferguson, Galloway, Harpole, Hartsock, Henry, Hutton (Starks), Lapp, Mason, New Venable, Old Venable, Sapp (Jackie Sapp), Voshall and Wells.
    Pleasant Vale Township Cemeteries: Brewster - Ross, Brown, Demoin, Morey, Scattered Burials, Shearer and Stoney Point.
    Ross Township: No known cemeteries or burials.
    Spring Creek Township Cemeteries: Allison, Cannon, Hollis, Hunter (Nebo), Neese (Scranton) and Scattered Burials.

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